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Content creation is one of the biggest struggles that business owners face when it comes down to posting information on their social media platforms. This course teaches business owners how to create epic content to align with their product or service.

You will learn how to use the best platforms, knowing your audience, keyword research and developing a content calendar.

You will also learn social media marketing, email marketing, how to do promotions and much more along with a special lesson on using the best free tools to create and make all your content look beautiful

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Jessie Freelander

Content Marketing


Quiana is the owner of MajorQui Enterprises, LLC, which manages social media platforms for small businesses, in states that include Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, New York, and Virginia. Services include, but are not limited to, epic content creation leading to increased following, engagement, and website traffic.

Prior to starting her social media management business, Quiana spent 13 years in the healthcare industry, 5 years in the business industry, and 5 years in the social media/promotions industry. Quiana’s diverse background and experiences are what enable her to network with a variety of businesses, no matter their brand.

Quiana’s passion for seeing small businesses succeed overruled her healthcare career, and she realized there was a disconnect in several businesses’ social media utilization. With social media growing as rapidly as it is, Quiana believes that it is imperative that businesses optimize their social media presence to maximize their businesses’ impact on their target market.

Quiana can assist your small business by auditing your business’ social media usage and determining areas for improvement. Quiana has proven that with her managing your business’ social media, sales increase, followers increase, and engagement increases. Quiana also offers small businesses free trainings via webinars or inside the "All Things Social Media for Businesses & Brands" Facebook Group and has her own Coaching Program called “Social Hypothesis.”

Quiana is very active in the community, she teach every Thursday inside a Entrepreneurship Coaching Program called Sleepless Knights, partnered with Eric Thomas’s Social Media team and Moguel Media in NYC. She travels to teach content creation seminars to business owners, she serves on the FBLA Advisory Board for North Springs Charter High School in Atlanta, GA. Quiana has also coordinated a podcast, entrepreneurship workshops, business social media audits, as well as spoken at marketing events, women’s conferences, and to students, concerning the importance of social media for businesses and also alternate career opportunities during career day.

Quiana’s philosophy is “Don’t fear failure... fear being in the EXACT same place next year, as you are today.” Quiana can be reached by phone at 470-509-5115 or by email at

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